Cotswolds and Forest of Dean Pantry Workshop

On March 22nd Feeding Gloucestershire facilitated a workshop to support the exploration of Affordable Food Club models in the Cotswolds and the Forest of Dean.

The workshop brought together speakers from Food Pantries across the county to share their experiences in setting up and running food pantries with a membership model., the recording of this workshop can be found here.

Affordable food clubs, such as community pantries, larders and even food buses, are designed to help people on a low incomes stretch their budgets further. Joining an affordable food club means people can get food, and other essential items, for a lot less than their retail value (for example 10 items a week for £3.50).

Many affordable food clubs also offer other help – they can signpost you to other help such as debt advice, or they can offer advice drop in session. They can also offer social activities, including school holiday provision, community cafes and community growing opportunities.

A recording of the workshop is available here