Cheltenham Campaigns

Since Feeding Gloucestershire’s district launch in June 2023, a small strategy group has formed to spearhead the food movement in Cheltenham and explore the potential of a Food Strategy for the Borough.

This cross-sector group is looking at  the following key themes

  • Awareness of and access to good food
  • Local food economy
  • Food surplus and distribution
  • Sustainability
  • Community growing

Good Food Cheltenham

Community Growing and Sustainability Groups across Cheltenham have recently come together to form Good Food Cheltenham.

Good Food Cheltenham, supported by Feeding Gloucestershire, has a vision to create a vibrant, healthier, sustainable, and more equitable food system across Cheltenham.


Feed Cheltenham

Feed Cheltenham started as a crowd funder to raise money and awareness during the pandemic. Now Feed Cheltenham is also an umbrella organisation working with local food providers to provide a cohesive approach to food poverty in Cheltenham.

Planet Cheltenham

Is a climate initiative being delivered through Vision 21. There are 2 parts to it, the first is to create a sustainability centre in Cheltenham for the whole community to use and engage in local solutions.

The second part is to deliver and develop a number of community based activities and solutions to help raise awareness of the dangers of climate change and offer locally based answers to challenging issues, e.g. Youth climate groupClimate changemaker challenge and energy workshops.

Get Involved

To find out more  or get involved please contact Deb Baker