Gloucestershire Gleaning

Enabling communities and food producers in Gloucestershire to work together to distribute surplus.

Reviving our connections and improve our resilience.

This pilot has come about through the financial support of Feeding Britain and Feeding Gloucestershire and the generous support in knowledge and experience from NoSH – Network of Stroud Hubs.

Project aspirations

The Gleaning pilot project in Stroud will explore the viability of a Countywide project under the banner of Gloucestershire Gleaning.

Starting in January 2024 and running until the Autumn the pilot aims to build on the existing gleaning work happening in Stroud to create a template for such activities to be carried out in the other regions of Gloucestershire.

The pilot will test and trial the required infrastructure, protocols for preparing, carrying out and distributing a Glean and explore the complimentary activities that Gleaning activities might facilitate.

The pilot will establish the brand of Gloucestershire Gleaning with a webpage, social media presence and promote it as a potential tool for the region to improve food equity for our communities, utilising local food whilst reducing food waste.

The pilot is being hosted and facilitated by Feeding Gloucestershire via Project Manager Lizzie Dyer and the operations are being driven by Annie Page, Food Coordinator for NoSH and passionate Gleaner herself.