Food for the Planet

Growing food accounts for almost a third of global greenhouse gas emissions, as well as contributing to local pollution through fertilizer run-off into local water courses, but here in Gloucestershire, a growing number of farmers are producing food in a way that is better for our planet – some have gone fully organic, others are farming regeneratively, or trying a range of different  agroecological approaches.

The Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group South West (FWAG SW) are working closely with the county’s farming and environment sector to promote more nature-friendly farming and growing.

They lead the successful county-wide GREAT Project and bring farmers together to learn from each other via the county’s Farmer Clusters (Farmer Guardians of the Upper Thames, Carrant Farmers, and Severn Vale Guardians) and have recently begun an innovative project, the GREAT Zerodig Project @ RAU using Zerodig Earth principles, restoring soil health and biodiversity by adopting a low input approach to horticulture.

The Great Zerodig Project @ the RAU


Gloucestershire County Council are also working to promote biodiversity, tackle climate change and connect people with nature through their Greener Gloucestershire Campaign and climate dashboard which includes work on community growing and food waste.