County Campaigns

In November 2023 Gloucestershire achieved Sustainable Food Places Bronze Award.

The GREAT Food Gloucestershire campaign is the home of the county’s Good Food Movement, and the bid for Bronze is backed by Gloucestershire County Council, The Gloucestershire Food and Farming Partnership (GFFP), Feeding Gloucestershire, Visit Gloucestershire and Gloucestershire Rural Community Council (GRCC).

Working across Sustainable Food Place’s 6 Key Issues, we’ve brought many people and organisations from across the county’s food system together, to demonstrate just what we as a county are doing to produce good food for people, places and the planet.

  1. Good Food Governance
  2. Good Food Movement
  3. Healthy Food For All
  4. Good Food Economy
  5. Catering and Procurement
  6. Food for the Planet

Explore a Full Version of  our successful Bronze Award Application from Sustainable Food Places or view a quick Summary and Overview.


Some of the Sustainable Food Champions showcased in the county’s bid for Bronze Award are;

The GREAT Project

Made in Gloucestershire

Feeding Gloucestershire

Visit Gloucestershire

Gloucestershire’s Good Food Movement Theme for 2024 is Community Growing!