Catering and Procurement

Catering and Procurement can help transform our current food system towards one which is more sustainable, by actively sourcing more nature-friendly and locally farmed food in our schools, nurseries, hospitals and other communty settings.

Gloucestershire Food and Farming Partnership, Feeding Gloucestershire, and Visit Gloucestershire are all working together to explore Catering and Procurement within the county, looking for opportunities to get more healthy and sustainable food onto everyone’s plates.

Caterlink, who deliver school meals for Gloucestershire County Council, have Food for Life Silver Award. The Food For Life programme has been working on ‘good food’ at a national level for over 20 years, is delivered by the Soil Association and its partners, and tackles food issues on the frontline in schools, nurseries, caterers and communities.

Gloucestershire is also home to many innovative Social Enterprises working on the ground to tackle this issue, these are businesses that have a specific social objective which serves as its primary purpose. The Grace Network are a great example of social enterprise in Gloucestershire, nurturing community through their hubs and brands, including The Long Table, Feeding Change One Bite at a Time, The Great Plate and Eat and Greet.