Fair Shares Gloucester

Fair Shares is a local charity and community organisation that promotes the idea of being a good neighbour. We encourage people to get involved in their community, share their skills, and help each other. When you are part of the time bank, you give your time by helping with something that you’re good at, and in return you can get someone to give their time to help you. So, for example you might do a bit of gardening for someone and in return someone else might help you take that old TV to the tip. You do as much or as little as you want, helping out in ways that you are able to and most importantly with things that you enjoy doing.

Traditional time banking uses this idea to encourage members of their neighbourhood to help each other, an hour at a time – give an hour and get an hour back. Over the past 24 years our participants have taken this simple idea and ran with it. Together we have started all sorts of different groups and activities, based on the interests of the people who take part. These activities provide opportunities for people to meet up with others to learn new skills, socialise, make new friends and most of all have fun.

Address: Chequers Bridge Community Centre, Painswick Road, Gloucester, GL4 6PR

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01452 415900