Poets Pantry

We are a food distribution pantry and food club

This organisation was set up in 2021 during the pandemic and is based on preventing or cutting down food waste, we have a supply chain made up from donations, FareShare, and surplus from supermarkets.

With these resources we run a food club on a Thursday and free food sessions on a Thursday and Friday morning.

The food club is £3 to join and then £1.50 once a week. For this you will receive between 7 and 10 items – which includes ambient, fresh fruit and vegetables and a mixture of pasta, rice etc. Depending on supply we also have a small supply of freezer food which is surplus from the supermarkets -if you are a regular member of the food club you will be told when this is available.

Address: 96-98 Masefield Avenue Podsmead Gloucester GL2 5BA

[email protected]
07923 445327