Priors Park Neighbourhood Project

PPNP Panty project (every Wednesday between 10am – 12pm) is a not-for-profit membership of £3.50 per week. The pantry offers up to 15 items of essential food and free fresh produce (subject to availability). This supports the most vulnerable in the community and helps households to save on their weekly shopping expenses.

We refer members to our professional agencies for advice, budgeting, and guidance.

We offer the following services on a regular basis:

Weekly drop-in advice sessions provided by external agencies and associated partners. Refreshments available.

Digital support to help residents become digitally included for welfare reform and skills improvement. Refreshments available.

Mental health, Health and Wellbeing support, building confidence through creative workshops, cookery, and budgeting workshops with refreshments. Refreshments available.

Job club and welfare to work funded programmes to upskill and encourage the unemployed back into work. Refreshments available.

Room use and hire for community organisations.

Community Networking lunches, warm space and meetings. Refreshments available.

‘Coffee and Create’ every other Wednesday 10am – 12pm – offering refreshments and participating in creative projects.

Thai cooking classes with lunch every other Wednesday 11am – 1pm.

PPNP Sheds Creative & wellbeing Workshops (every Tuesday & Friday 10am – 3pm) supports mental health and social isolation offering textiles, ceramics, pottery, gardening, creative woodworking groups, and other bespoke creative activities.

We also collaborate with our local nature reserve, to participate with wildlife activities and other local partners.