Changes to our membership and a new directory

Following on from our district launches and recent conversations, we have decided to move away from being a membership network and become a more open informal network. The decision has been taken as we were concerned that by offering membership only benefits, we were excluding organisations that could benefit. Our current membership offer will now be an open offer to organisations across the county.

We will be changing the members page on our website to become a directory and adding a directory map. We will welcome organisations and businesses  who share the ethos of Feeding Gloucestershire and invite them to become a part of the directory.

The aim is for the directory and the map is for them to become  tools for highlighting the work that is happening across the county and as a general resource for organisations and people. These changes offer an opportunity to map the wider food landscape and we would like to welcome farmers, producers,  hospitality and other food related businesses and organisations to become part of the directory.

We will begin implementing these changes on the 1st of November and if you would like to be listed on the map please fill in our form here